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Cosmic and Chaos Art

Cosmic and Chaos Art is what I use to describe the digital mix art I create.  Most of the art incorporates my own photography and then based on the subject, create art using digital tools. Many think that using digital tools are a cheat for creating art vs using your hands but it is not the case. Just like with any…
Better Selfies

Better Selfies

The inevitable selfie, one done mainly with a phone. To get one just right can be difficult at best but I have used a couple of methods that have helped the quality and lighting. One is to be near a window and use that light to illuminate the face.  I use an iPhone 5, so I am able to use…
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Incorporating Graphic Art

I have always loved computer art, or what some call now graphic art. I love to incorporate it in my imagery and create new art with it. Below are two examples of what I have done lately. The first one involves a photograph that I took and the other starts out with a sketch I drew and scanned in, from…
Screamin Fun!

Screamin Fun!

The other day we tried a new pizza that I purchased from our local supermarket. The design of the pizza box is what made me purchase it. We were not disappointed! What we discovered on the box is there was a puch out mustache, so we decided to a have a bit of fun and create some funny pictures. Here…
An Artist can be a Scientist and Vice-Versa: Tim’s Vermeer

An Artist can be a Scientist and Vice-Versa: Tim’s Vermeer

Last night I watched the movie Tim's Vermeer and it confirmed what I knew, that a person who has a scientific brain can also be an artist. Yes, it is true and the movie Tim's Vermeer proves it. Since the dawn of the industrial age and maybe even before that,(i.e. Leonardo Di Vinci), man has been using mechanical devices, inventions…